What is Health?


Health is defined as a parameter to determine the state of human’s physical and mental wellness in the absence of any serious illness, disease or infirmity which badly affects the social well-being of individuals.

A good health means handling of stress and living a longer life more actively. This means that, health is a resource to support body functions at optimum level to lead a meaning-full life style.

Health can be divided into following categories –

  1. Mental health.
  2. Physical health.
  3. Emotional health.
  4. Financial health.

Among all of the above, Physical health and mental health are the main point of consideration. These are inter-dependent.


If a person is incapable of doing a regular task due to his physical illness, it may lead to depression and mental stress on his part. Thus, ultimately he will go to suffer from mental illness too.

Similarly, if a person is mentally unhealthy and suffering from depression etc., he may fail to complete a given easy task in stipulated time frame. This is because, he will not be able to concentrate on the job and ultimately go to suffer from physical illness.