What is Health? » What is Fitness?


Fitness is defined as the ability of a person to execute daily activities most efficiently with optimum capacity & performance, endurance and strength. A fit man can easily manage his sickness, disease, fatigue and stress.

Research shows that physical activity on regular basis and a bit of exercise will increase our chances of maintain the body weight so balanced which is called as a fit and healthy body.

Fitness can be achieved by losing our body weight by burning more calories in comparison to that calorie which we intake in terms of food.

Understanding the benefits of physical fitness and knowing the standard of activeness we can monitor and maintain our good health and improve our overall quality of life.

Fitness improves our body systems such as respiratory system, cardiovascular system and overall health. Staying active can help to maintain body weight and reduce the risk of fatal diseases.

In other words, staying active is a crucial part of maintaining good health and wellness.