What is Health? » Why Health is Important?


Health is our true wealth and we should be more familiar about its importance and secrets.

Health is important for living a life to the full of expectations, emotions and happiness. Life without good health is like a soldier in the battle without arms.

When a person leads a healthy lifestyle, the body remains healthy and the mind is always active and fresh. Having good health is of core importance to happiness.

Having a good health is important because –

  1. Health improves life expectancy. A healthy person lives for a longer period.
  2. A healthy life provide immunity & strength over diseases. The immune system is the natural defense mechanism for foreign agents and invaders that cause harm to body.
  3. Having a healthy mind is very important for overall well-being and improving productivity.
  4. A healthy person performs to the optimum level and can serve to the nation in better ways.
  5. Healthy person get financial benefits by cutting down his expenses towards medical treatments.